“I guarantee you will sell more and achieve more by following our approach to planning and execution. It will get you focused, equipped and systematic.”Kim F. Hoyer, President, Factor X Solutions Inc.

The latest from the O2 blog:

We sell 4 things to get you selling more:

P4 Strategic Advancement System

Plan +  Do.

You have no shortage of ideas. But, do you know what you do not have enough of? Execution. Why? Because implementing your ideas collides with the reality and necessities of your day-to-day world. Some good news for you: We help people like you, and organizations like yours, plan and implement by getting you focused, organized, and systematic so you can sell more and achieve more.

Royal Rockstar Professional Programs

Finish first.

Deliver sales and service that blows people away. Customized, industry specific, on-the-job, state-of-the-art training and coaching programs engineered to measurably lift your efforts to the elite levels of marketing, selling, service, and operational performance. It is time to be great. It is time for you to get focused, equipped, and systematic so you can sell more and achieve more.

Sales and Marketing Automation

To the moon.

Social media, marketing funnels, CRM, online summits are the way to go, but it is not easy and way more work than you thought. You know what you ‘should’ be doing but…how about we just do it for you. Your vision, your direction, your brand… but we do the work. Feels better doesn’t it? All in the holy name of getting you focused, equipped, and systematic so you can sell more and achieve more.

P4 Consulting, Coaching, and Training

Big Returns.

Engage in a learning and implementation process that pays off immediately. You want  big results fast, and we’ve delivered that in virtually every sector of the economy. You want: clarity, a sounding board, dos, don’ts, tips and tricks. No problem. We will pass on the right knowledge to get you unstuck fast. We will soon get you focused, equipped, and systematic, so you can sell more and achieve more.